VoIP Phone System : A Complete Suite for Providers

We provide complete VoIP Software Solution to start your own VoIP calling business.

Class 5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing
Retail Switch / Wholesale Switch
Calling Card System
Callshop Module
IPPBX System
DID / Access Number Management
Android SIP Mobile Dialer / Android Twin Mobile Dialer
iPhone SIP Mobile Dialer / iPhone Twin Mobile Dialer
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Class 5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing

Globus Tech Class 5 Softswitch is designed to provide next generation services for residential and business customers.

Customized VoIP Billing
Retail Switch / Wholesale Switch
Multi Payment Gateway Support
Callshop Module
Calling Card System
International Mobile Topup
SMS Billing Management for apps
DID / Access Number Management
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VoIP Mobile Dialers for Android & iPhone

A white label mobile solution for communication service providers to build their own branded VoIP based mobile app

Offers excellent crystal clear audio
Shows account balance information on mobile screen and also plays via IVR
Supports 3G/4G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi for internet connectivity
Supports App to App call and App to PSTN Call
Supports hassle free International Mobile Top Up
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Simplified registration through OTP based system
Unlimited end-user registrations
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VoIP Phone System : A Complete Suite for VoIP Providers

VoIP phone systems are utilized with Voice over Internet Protocol innovation. VoIP is the innovation used to transmit sound as information or Packets over the Internet to either a PC client or to a landline phone. VoIP is expanding in fame, as it is profoundly esteemed for its extraordinary quality, minimal effort, now and then totally free and has mind blowing highlights. VoIP telephone frameworks are a reasonable answer for business needs too. This will likewise permit long separation calls for either free or for just pennies contrasted with customary telephone administrations.

Elements of VoIP Phone System

  • Class 5 SoftSwitch & VoIP Billing
  • Calling Card System
  • IPPBX System
  • Callshop Module
  • DID & IVR Management
  • Android VoIP Mobile Dialer
  • iPhone VoIP Mobile Dialer

VoIP Phone System is the most suitable and absolute package for VoIP Providers who wants to start their own Retail and Wholesale VoIP service along with sophisticated VoIP Mobile Dialer. With the significant boom in VoIP communication technology, the business owners massively turn towards the VoIP business. The reason behind popularity of VoIP business is being its high revenue generator at very low investment cost.


Class 5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing

Class 5 Softswitch is a SIP Softswitch which acts as a controller that offers you one interface for multiple IP networks which is used for transferring end to end VoIP interactions. This software let VoIP service providers to provide uninterrupted services with an amazingly low primary outlay which further lower the operating cost. We also provides Softswitch along with the integrated VoIP Billing System.


Calling Card System

Globus Tech Calling card system is especially designed and developed with the need of VoIP service providers. Our integrated Calling Card Platform enables service providers to efficiently manage both prepaid and postpaid services along with variety of other solutions.

IPPBX System

IPPBX represents Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, and it switches calls between VoIP clients and outside telephone lines. Generally, just enormous organizations could exploit IPPBX to help increment profitability of their telephone frameworks. However, with a facilitated framework, even private ventures can exploit a progressively effective telephone framework.


Android VoIP Mobile Dialer

Globus Tech Android VoIP Mobile Dialer is most robust VoIP Dialer in VoIP industry. By Using Android VoIP Mobile Dialer users to make VoIP calls with their standard Android phones. Globus Tech provide complete customized VoIP Mobile Dialer with your own brand identity.

iPhone VoIP Mobile Dialer

iPhone VoIP Mobile Dialer is designed and customized as per all the latest iOS version phones and give you freedom to make smooth long distance calls from your phone. Our VoIP Mobile Dialer also compatible with all others standard Softswitch platform.


Multiple Topup Option including Wallet & Utility Bill Payment

We provide One-click payment options, you can recharge accounts easily and quickly, using Credit-Debit Card or PayPal or Recharge Card. Also in the app you can pay your Utility Bill from wallet or accounts without any trouble.

IVR & DID Management

In VoIP Phone System you can get most advanced features IVR & DID Management for your VoIP Business. You can set your own language IVR in the system along with you can setup complete DID management system in one platform.


When utilizing VoIP administrations, you can basically utilize a mouthpiece and speakers to speak with your guest. You need a High Speed Internet association with take into consideration your calls to be continuously, and you will likewise require a soundboard and PC that is fully informed regarding VoIP innovation. You may likewise require a telephone connector for changing over standard phones into VoIP telephones, or a VoIP telephone.

VoIP telephone framework connectors are another methods for speaking with VoIP. A VoIP telephone connector will associate between your standard phones, and your Internet modem. Your telephone connector will accompany establishment and client guidelines. By and large, you should power off your PC, at that point interface the connector to your Internet modem and afterward plug your phone into the connector’s telephone jack. Power everything back up and you ought to be great to utilize your telephone. You should ensure that you have VoIP administration recently introduced. All the VoIP elements of this VoIP Phone System are well known for its reliability and efficiency in VoIP industry.

System Specification : VoIP Phone System 

We recommends following Hardware and operating system.
Hardware Requirements: Intel Core i5 Processor /32 Gb RAM/1 TB HDD

Software Requirements:

  • Linux CENTOS 6.x (complete installation)
  • Yum Server

Internet connection:

The use of a 1Gbit Ethernet card is a prerequisite for VoIP Phone System with good broadband internet connection .

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