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Globus Tech IPPBX System

IPPBX (private branch exchange) system is the hardware that controls the phone lines and extensions of a company.

Easier to install & manage via web-based configuration interface
A software-based IP PBX is far less expensive than a hardware-based PBX / PABX
Create your own IVR Menus as your needs.
Choose from the many SIP based hardware phones instead of getting locked in with one vendor
Create Multiple Ring Groups as per your needs.
Handle thousands to millions of concurrent calls
Increased productivity
Self-care for managing configuration
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IPPBX System : Complete Telephony Solution

IPPBX represents Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, and it switches calls between VoIP clients and outside telephone lines. Generally, just enormous organizations could exploit IPPBX to help increment profitability of their telephone frameworks. However, with a facilitated framework, even private ventures can exploit a progressively effective telephone framework.

The voices are sent through the data packets on a data network. It has eliminated the use of traditional phone network in the corporate houses. Globus Tech IP-PBX is the complete PBX software which is easy to install, configure and very economical as well as possess many additional functionality.

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