Class 5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing

Globus Tech Class 5 Softswitch is designed to provide next generation services for residential and business customers.

Customized VoIP Billing
Retail Switch / Wholesale Switch
Multi Payment Gateway Support
Callshop Module
Calling Card System
International Mobile Topup
SMS Billing Management for apps
DID / Access Number Management
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Class 5 Softswitch : A Robust & Sophisticated Retail / Wholesale VoIP Switch With VoIP Billing

Class 5 Softswitch is a SIP Softswitch which acts as a controller that offers you one interface for multiple IP networks which is used for transferring end to end VoIP interactions. This software let VoIP service providers to provide uninterrupted services with an amazingly low primary outlay which further lower the operating cost. We also provides Softswitch along with the integrated VoIP Billing System.

Our Class 5 Soft Switch & VoIP Billing deliver a complete and advanced Retail and Wholesale VoIP solution for managing VoIP networks. It offers an entire range of call-routing functionality which is able to maximize the productivity and performance for not only individual but large scale VoIP service providers.

Call Plan Manager

Multiple Call Plans / Flexible Call Manager System with advanced features

Real Time Live Call Monitoring

Real Time Live Call Monitoring system with continue & hung up features

Analysis & Report Management

Rich Analysis & Report Management with calls, payment, routing and many more.

International Mobile Topup

Topup your family or friends phone worldwide though our system

PIN to PIN Balance Transfer

Get most innovative feature in our system is PIN to PIN balance transfer.

Agent / Customer Management

Agent / Customer Portal, Where you can check their Rates, Billing, CDR’s, Recharge Invoice and live calls

Globus Tech Class5 Softswitch has Integrated VoIP billing system so you don’t require separate billing with Softswitch

Real Time Alerts keep you posted for any update or changes in the Class5 Softswitch which you need to know.

You can create several rate groups for separate clients, and can enter expiration date of Rates.

Advanced reporting system which is gives you access of each and every reports as per your need.

With Real time billing your users will not extend their limits, calls will be stopped when he have insufficient balance for call.

Check live status of the every calls running through the system

If you have multiple gateways and different pricing for same country, system will pick the least price for that particular country from the list.

Own product means which comes with your company’s branding and logo. Get complete White Label System which gives you a new identity in market.

Globus Tech Softswitch is compatible with Wholesale and Retail, so you can select any one as per your need.

System Specification

Key Features of Class 5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing

New Releases

  • SMS Features with SMS Billing
  • PIN to PIN Balance Transfer
  • Mobile Topup
  • Callshop System

Account and user management

  • Multiple Calls on one account
  • Customer management
  • Prepaid/Postpaid recharge
  • Agent account
  • Batch management
  • Signup(customer)
  • Account detail(Agent,Customer)
  • Recharge/Payment Online
  • SIP Device Add/Delete
  • Limit the maximum number of Calls per customer
  • Block Prefix
  • CDRS
  • Invoice
  • Charges
  • IP Termination (Wholesale)
  • Real-time billing
  • Multiple level reseller
  • Multiple provider creation & login

Rate Management

  • Billing Increment
  • Termination Rates
  • Origination Rates
  • Rate Group
  • Connect Charge
  • Expiry of rates
  • Import Rate sheet

LCR & Gateway Management

  • Multiple Provider supported
  • Multiple Gateway supported
  • Add multiple SIP Providers
  • Provide redundancy based on cost
  • Strong LCR engine
  • Call Limitation per trunk
  • Many trunks per provider
  • Costs for provider routes based on area code
  • Limitation channels by each provider

Billing Reports & Invoice management

  • CDR (Admin, Sub-Admin, Reseller, Sub-reseller, Customer,provider )
  • Live Calls Report
  • Summary Report
  • Trunk Stats
  • Search Criteria for reporting
  • Export report to PDF & Excel
  • Invoice generation
  • Payment Report
  • Commission Report
  • ASR & ASD

IVR Management

  • IVR prompts( balance,destination, credit time)
  • Customize IVR in multilanguage

DID Management

  • DID Management from Portal

Web Interface

  • Multi Language Support
  • Real Time Customized Billing Interface (Color & Theme of Form, Table, Menu & Buttons)

Calling Features

  • VoIP Wholesale
  • Calling Card
  • PC-Phone
  • Device-Phone
  • Phone-Phone
  • Mobile VoIP

Redundant Architecture

  • Server Failover
  • Database Replication

Additional Features

  • Multi currency support for Balance
  • Signup
  • Email Notification
  • User Validation support for admin
  • Export data into PDF or Excel

System Specification : Class 5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing

We recommends following Hardware and operating system.
Hardware Requirements: Intel Core i5 Processor /32 Gb RAM/1 TB HDD

Software Requirements:

  • Linux CENTOS 6.x (complete installation)
  • Yum Server

Internet connection:

The use of a 1Gbit Ethernet card is a prerequisite for Class 5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing with good broadband internet connection .

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Globus Tech Class5 Softswitch is not limited to a particular class in any capacity. Accordingly, it helps us to give modified courses of action according to individual business necessities, It also includes real-time VoIP Billing and has a flexible rate management system for Customer and Vendor rates, Globus Tech Class5 Softswitch also provides Security against the threats like Ddos attacks, MySQL Injection, etc. It is a complete switch a client needs.

Globus Tech made a reputed place in the VoIP software market with their unparalleled product and services. The Globus Tech VoIP Billing solution is the perfect option for anyone who thinks technology should also come with sophistication. VoIP Billing system developed by Globus Tech is the result of advance technology blended with sophistication and style. VoIP Billing Software comes with the enhanced functionality along with the architecture with class. It is fully compatible and gets integrated with all other VoIP related products. It is designed with all the present and future demands of booming telecom industry kept in the mind. The telecom industry is changing and developing with rapid speed and the VoIP products such as VoIP Billing comes as an excellent product in this time.